Touch Keyboard

Touch Keyboard is a full screen PocketPC keyboard that allows you to type large amounts of text into your device using your fingers or thumbs. After you finish entering your text, tapping OK closes the keyboard and automatically pastes the text you entered into whatever app you were using. (The text is also copied to the system clipboard so you can continue pasting it wherever else you wish.)

Touch Keyboard installs with six different layouts, in both vertical and landscape orientations, and they are truly different layouts and not just decorative graphical "skins" on the same fixed layout. Because layouts are defined by standard bitmaps and simple text files, they can be easily customized -- or entirely new layouts created -- with nothing more than a paint program and a text editor. (All the existing layouts that BigKeys installs with were created using Paint Shop Pro and Notepad.)

The demo version of Touch Keyboard will only copy up to the first 20 characters you enter into the clipboard. The full registered version with unlimited text entry and copying can be purchased for $9.95.

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